Route 89 Video Production delivers professional video content for your music, weddings, business, sport and much more. Wether you're looking for a music video for your fans, your special day captured on film,  a full length instructional video, interview style testimonials for your business or short social media promo clips, you're in the right place. 

Originating from a music background, Route 89 will not only breathe creative life into your project but also a professional edge where you need it most, leaving your followers hooked and wanting to find out more.

Our small production team means low cost for you so you can keep within budget for your project whilst maintaining the quality you're after. 

Fully contained, multiple camera and lighting set-up as well as aerial drone footage available. 

Stand out from the crowd and contact us for video content today. 


Videographer - Editor - Creative Designer


With a firm background in music and production, Sam has now shifted his focus into the visual side of creativity. Having created multiple albums, he knows what it's like to go from concept to final product and therefore works with you to maintain your vision and inject modern creativity to speak to your audience. He knows what it takes to capture people's attention. 

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