How promotional videos can boost your business...

So you've got a website, a facebook page and maybe even an instagram account and you're starting to get customers through the door. You're doing fine as you are but what if there was another way of keeping up with the competition and turning over even more profit for your business? Look around... What are the majority of other successful businesses doing?.. They are using video to promote their products or services. Promotional videos are a key part of marketing your business today and I'm going to share with you just a few of the reasons why having a promotional video for your social media and website can boost your business...

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A good video can add value to your business

We've all heard the phrase "A picture is worth a thousand words." Images and videos can often convey a meaning more effectively than a written description, enabling you to engage with your customers quickly and more easily. Not to mention, in an age where our attention spans have gone out the window, it seems more beneficial and effective to advertise through a short video rather than pages of text... Which is ironic as you're here reading this now. But I hope you see my point.

"Video has the power to evoke emotion in all of us. It can leave a long lasting impression. Your business can take full advantage of this by bringing your personality, your passion and your story to the screen winning the hearts and minds of your potential customers."

Ian Gibbons -

Getting your message across whilst showing your personality and brand in the best light possible is paramount. Finding the right video production company is beneficial to creating a true representation of your product or service which is why Route 89 Video Production work closely with you to make you shine. Check out the video we did for Nix Cyles bike shop. His playful character shines through in this short comedic ad whilst on a serious note also shows that his shop stocks whatever it is you need.

Here are just few top stats from research that shows how beneficial videos can be for your business. (Clicking on the links will take you to the source).

The stats speak for themselves. Many businesses have benefitted from having a video of some sort to help their business and that seems to be continuing.

I know what you're probably thinking. "Isn't hiring a company to produce a professional quality video for your business expensive?" You'd be justified in thinking so as...

15% say they don’t use video because it’s too expensive.

But it doesn't have to be... At Route 89 Video Production we work with you to create the best promo video based on your needs and your budget. Contact us now to find out more.

Follow in the footsteps of the giants.

Most of the top successful companies and brands advertise via video either online or on TV and it's been happening for decades now. So it's obvious that you should be doing it too. And with it being so accessible and affordable at this time to instantly upload to social media platforms for FREE, we should be taking advantage and keeping up with the crowd. If you have no experience in video then there are plenty of local production companies in your area just like ours that can help.

Below are the links to the sources of information that formed this blog. I hope you found it interesting and informative and thank you for reading. Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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